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Pet Handling Tips: German Shepherds

german-shepherd-wallpapers-7One of the most beautiful and quite intelligent, German Shepherds may be one pet you would like owning. They are very loyal, and will make for a great lifelong companion. With proper upbringing, the breed functions and socializes at its best. Without that, a German Shepherd may exhibit uncontrollable behavior. It is a breed that requires a strong and trustworthy leader it could follow and accept limits from. Pet owners will benefit from doing the following:

Provide venues for expending energy.

German shepherds lead active lives, they must be exercised and stimulated well. Schedule walks, park visits, and provide enough chew toys for them to play with inside the yard. Acts like these instill in your pet’s mind dependence on you and recognition that you take charge of his activities. Check for other suggestions.

They are not naturally aggressive but if their high energy isn’t expended well, they may become that. They must be helped to developing balance and calmness. Besides exercise, proper socialization helps bring this about.

Provide opportunities for social interaction.

It is best for novice pet carers to choose puppies for a pet. The earlier you can work with them, the better. As puppies, socialization is needed at the earliest time possible. Get them to be comfortable hanging out and behaving well among people. Don’t prohibit them from making contact with any of your family members- that is, even with your infants and toddlers. Help them grow fondness to being around people without being overbearing.

Socialize them with other dogs. Connecting them early on with others, and even having a pet buddy in the house will help them enjoy the company of other dogs. Healthy interaction trains them not to resent nor be intimidated with other dogs nearby. It trains them not to feel any insecurities.

Start behavior training early.

Some owners let their dogs get by especially while as puppies. Other times, they let bad behavior go because it looked cute or funny. Pets must be trained to see right and wrong behavior. Quickly reward good ones and discipline your pet over bad ones. Bring consistency into their lives by helping them see that bad behavior will never be allowed at any time.

Train and discipline reasonably and humanely. Never physically abuse your dog, such won’t help. Discipline must be quick and only hard enough to the point that the animal can understand.

Ensure proper feeding.

Different dog breeds require different nourishment types and levels. A twice a day feeding at 12 hour intervals may work best. Check here for the best dog food for german shepherd puppies.

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