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Easy DIY Unfinished Bar Stools Cover

Barhocker_fcmSummer is near. This means longer days and nights well spent with your friends and loved ones relaxing at the pool, beach, enjoying barbeque parties and the like. It can also be a great season to spend with doing crafts at home. In this post, we will talk about how you can update the look of your unfinished bar stools with new covers to make it suit the summer season much better and thereby contribute a refreshing look  to your home.

You will need the following materials for this project:

  • Any colorful fabric
  • Freezer paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Iron and elastic cord
  • Ruler

This project is very simple. Just follow the very easy steps below.

  1. Measure the diameter of your unfinished bar stools from lip to lip.
  2. Make a freezer paper template by simply adding 3 inches to your bar stools’ diameter and dividing it in half. For example, if your unfinished bar stools measure 14 inches, your template will measure 8.5 inches (that is 17 inches divided by 2).  Cut the template and fold it in half twice thereby creating a square.
  3. Using a ruler, mark the center point of the freezer paper. In the example provided above, that would be 8.5” at each mark.
  4. Now, cut the template.
  5. Before proceeding to the next step, measure the template again just to make sure that it is 3 inches wider than the diameter of your unfinished bar stools.
  6. Iron the glossy part of the freezer paper down to the fabric. The freezer paper tends to stick to the fabric after being pressed. This lets go of the need to pin the template to your iron. And since the freezer paper template can still stick again and again, you may use it all over in your next unfinished bar stool makeover.
  7. Following the measurements of the freezer paper template, cut the fabric.
  8. Peel the freezer paper template away from the template.
  9. Grab your elastic cord and sew it to the back side of your fabric in a zigzag stitch pattern. While sewing, make sure to constantly stretch the cord slightly so that it will fit your unfinished bar stools like a glove.
  10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 to make covers for your other unfinished bar stools.

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