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DIY Shirts and Banners for Musical Shows

Going to musical shows can be a lot more fun by wearing fan shirts and holding up fan banners to show your idols how much you admire and appreciate their music. Donning fan shirts is also one way of identifying yourself in the crowd, and be noticed and admired as well. Also, if you are going to a concert as a group, it is a good idea if all of you wear the same shirts with the name or picture of the band printed on the back or front. This will help you keep sight of each other so that when the show is over, you can easily find your companions.

Do It Yourself shirts and banners

To make fan shirts on your own, here are some suggested steps.

  • Choose a plain shirt with no prints on any side. For an attractive result, choose white, black or light yellow colors so the prints will be more visible.
  • Pick an absorbent material such as cotton or polyester for the shirts. This is to make sure that the prints will easily settle on the fabric and dry more quickly. Use fabric paint in printing.
  • Prepare your materials and set them on a table, preferably outside the house. Printing can cause the colors to spread or splatter and you do not want your couch to be stained.
  • Sketch your design on a piece of paper, complete with the desired colors and patterns. Make them silk screen ready.
  • Spread the shirt on the table and transfer the print design on the desired side. If you will print both sides, hang the shirt to dry on one side before proceeding to the other area.
  • Let the prints dry fully before use.

For the delight of the followers of the famous Florida Georgia, the singing duo is holding a Florida Georgia line concert in Florida. This is a good chance for you to showcase your DIY fan shirt and banners and let the other people in the audience marvel at your craft. Florida Georgia might even notice your labor of love and they might call you to go up the stage. You will never know!

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