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DIY: Katy Perry Costume

RTR347A4Katy Perry is always known to be objective when it comes to her song-to-outfit choices. Along with her queer music, she’s also known for her quirky signature style. From the eye-popping colorful wigs to the Candyland-inspired clothes, this Roaring singer’s style is anything but ordinary. Let’s learn how to make a Katy Perry costume as a DIY project at home.

Buy a blue wig. Katy’s signature look happens to be the blue, blunt straight with bangs wig. They can be bought in most Halloween costume shops or be ordered online.

Buy a pair of glittery blue shorts. You’ll notice in most of her outfits, Katy loves anything sparkly.  If you cannot find glittered or sequined shorts, you can buy regular blue shorts instead then work on your crafty hands by gluing some sparkles yourself. Shorts should be slightly high-waisted and fitted.

DIY cupcake bra. Now this is the defining piece for this project, so you’ll need to do it right! To make it yourself you’ll need;

  • Basic Light Blue Bra
  • Two Small Paper Plates
  • White Spackling Paste
  • A Paintbrush
  • Super Glue
  • Colorful Sprinkles
  • Red Gummy Candies

To make the cupcakes, you have to;

  • Lay paper plates upside down. Dip paintbrush into the white spackling paste and thoroughly coat the rounded bottom part of each plate. Allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes.
  • Put the sprinkles individually using super glue. When you’re done, super glue one red gummy candy or “cherry” onto the center of each plate. If you do not have red gummies, you can simply use any other small and red object that looks like a cherry.
  • Attach the “cupcakes” to the bra. You can do this either by super gluing the plates directly onto each cup of the bra or by gluing a ribbon at the bottom of each plate and then sewing it onto the bra.

Do your makeup. Apply some false black eyelashes to achieve Katy Perry’s signature wide-eyed look. Put on some light pink lipstick, and you’re ready to go to Katy Perry’s St Louis ‘Prismatic Tour’ happening on August 17, at Scottrade Center.

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