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DIY Musical Instruments to Do with Your Kids

Simple musical instruments are fun DIY projects that can be crafted at home together with your kids. This is a good way to make good use of free time while allowing your little ones to appreciate music, or to introduce it to them. Do not worry, because there are basic instruments that are very easy to do, and they will surely have fun playing with the finished product afterwards. A tip you should consider though is use brightly colored materials that are very attractive to look at.


tambourineTo make a DIY tambourine you only need a glue or stapler, 2 paper plates, hole punch, crayons and jingle bells. You just have to glue the two plates facing each other. After that, create holes around it using your puncher. The next step is to tie the jingle bells in each hole using strings. You can decorate it using crayons or if you have a poster paint, paint it with your kid’s favorite design. It is best to choose thick paper plates for these are more durable.


Drums are boys’ favorite  instruments. Introduce it to them by making your DIY drum. Gather the materials, which consist of pen, yarn, empty cans with plastic lids, two pencils, crayons, and construction paper. You can also substitute oatmeal boxes in place of the cans. You may decorate the cans or boxes using the construction paper, crayons and pencil. This will already serve as your drums. Make it as colorful and attractive as possible. The yarns will be used to be able to hang the drums around the neck of your child. For the drumstick, you can just use pencils or twigs and glue cotton at one end, securing with tape.

There are many other DIY musical instruments to choose from and most of them are easy to do, but the drums and tambourine are ideal to create with your kids because they can do the designing. This is a good way for you to make them appreciate music, especially if you observe them to be interested in it.

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