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4 Ways to Learn Playing a Guitar on Your Own

pexels-photo-25977You can always enroll in a music class if you are interested to learn playing a guitar. It would be more fun though if you can just teach yourself how to do it. Given the resources available today, you will surely find a way to learn how to play this instrument on your own. You will also be surprised that an instrument that you once thought was really difficult to play is not that hard after all. Here are some important tips to help you learn how to play a guitar.

  1. Watch online tutorials 

There are a lot of online tutorials you can learn from. There are guitar experts out there who will explain to you the process. Just go on YouTube and you will see those who are willing to share their talents with others. They will walk you through the entire process until you can learn the whole thing on your own. Perhaps, they have also learned guitar in the same manner. This is why they are totally interested in helping other people out. They are also confident that without someone else present at your side, you can still learn playing the instrument.

  1. Learn how to read musical notes

It helps if you begin by reading musical notes. This will give you an idea on how to keep playing without memorizing. You can just read the chords and everything will just follow. As soon as you know how each note reads and how it looks like when played on a guitar, you can perform even the most complicated songs.

  1. Start by performing simple songs 

You don’t have to expect seeing yourself as a rock start overnight. It is a process. You just have to start by performing simpler songs with more basic notes. You can eventually move on to a more difficult song. Later on, you will just get the hang of it. You won’t even realize that you are already playing difficult songs. You simply enjoy the process.

  1. Ask someone to criticize you 

You can also ask another person to check your performance. It helps that you take some time to be reviewed by others. You don’t necessarily have to ask this person to teach you. The point is that you just want to see if you are doing it right and find out what you are doing wrong. This is true especially if you are using more complicated instruments such as the ones you can find at Global Music Revolution.

Once you have finally learned playing the instrument without asking for help, you will definitely feel satisfied. You can give yourself props for this achievement. This is not easy even with a mentor. Since you are self-taught, it is twice as hard, but twice the satisfaction too. Take note though that this is a process. You can’t expect to be a musical genius overnight. Give yourself time to learn. Don’t feel frustrated if you think you are not doing well. You will soon learn how to play the instrument perfectly.

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What Do You Know About Plumbers Golden Grove?

There are times in life that you will encounter something that might delay your business, or your daily duties in life. Sometimes those things are called hiccups that interrupt your busy life at home. For example you are just minding your own business, sitting on your toilet and when you were about to flush it clogged up, and now it’s overflowing. That is a bad way to start the day. How about when you’re washing the dishes after a good dinner meal and all of a sudden there’s water everywhere? The pipe has a huge leak and it’s spraying you with water and it’s making a mess out of your kitchen!

So, now you’re in a messy situation and you realize there’s also another problem. You don’t know how to fix broken pipes or toilets. This is where you decide to call a professional in fixing that issue and more specifically the plumbers near at Golden Grove.

Here are some of the important things that you need to know about the Plumbers near Golden Grove.

  • They offer their service in different fields, besides fixing pipes. The plumbers of Golden Grove can offer your service in fixing not just normal but broken pipes, but they can also fix hot water systems and installation.
  • They are professionals. They are trained, have experience and are very skilled in their field. So, you can rely on their expertise in fixing broken pipes, toilets and repairing any leakage.
  • They are open and available 24/7, both night and day. If you find yourself in that kind of situation really late at night, like 8pm, then you can call them for their help and they will be there to fix it right away, with no delays. They know that you require immediate attention, especially when water is slowly flooding your home.
  • They will give you good quality work. You don’t have to worry about half-hearted and low quality work, because the plumbers at Golden Grove give their 100% best of their service to you. There’s no need for you to worry because they know how to get the job done.

There are a lot of scammers tricking a lot of people in order to get their money, but not this time. The plumbers of Golden Grove are nothing but experts. They do their work properly and they do not trick people and give poor quality work. They are a legit business and many customers who received proper service from them know all about it. There are a lot of positive reviews from their service and many people acknowledge their effort of satisfying their customers by providing top quality service. So, have no fear because the plumbers of Golden Grove will not disappoint an important customer like you because they value your and you are their top priority. They know how important you are to the company and to them.

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DIY Shirts and Banners for Musical Shows

Going to musical shows can be a lot more fun by wearing fan shirts and holding up fan banners to show your idols how much you admire and appreciate their music. Donning fan shirts is also one way of identifying yourself in the crowd, and be noticed and admired as well. Also, if you are going to a concert as a group, it is a good idea if all of you wear the same shirts with the name or picture of the band printed on the back or front. This will help you keep sight of each other so that when the show is over, you can easily find your companions.

Do It Yourself shirts and banners

To make fan shirts on your own, here are some suggested steps.

  • Choose a plain shirt with no prints on any side. For an attractive result, choose white, black or light yellow colors so the prints will be more visible.
  • Pick an absorbent material such as cotton or polyester for the shirts. This is to make sure that the prints will easily settle on the fabric and dry more quickly. Use fabric paint in printing.
  • Prepare your materials and set them on a table, preferably outside the house. Printing can cause the colors to spread or splatter and you do not want your couch to be stained.
  • Sketch your design on a piece of paper, complete with the desired colors and patterns. Make them silk screen ready.
  • Spread the shirt on the table and transfer the print design on the desired side. If you will print both sides, hang the shirt to dry on one side before proceeding to the other area.
  • Let the prints dry fully before use.

For the delight of the followers of the famous Florida Georgia, the singing duo is holding a Florida Georgia line concert in Florida. This is a good chance for you to showcase your DIY fan shirt and banners and let the other people in the audience marvel at your craft. Florida Georgia might even notice your labor of love and they might call you to go up the stage. You will never know!

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Lawn Moving Tips

People who put in their own efforts into maintaining a nicely kept lawn often experience the greatest satisfaction and relaxation whenever they go and sit outside for morning, afternoon, or evening breaks. A few guidelines and tips will help in making it as less laborious and taxing, allowing for a great looking lawn that’s neat and free from weeds.

Even the busiest ones are actually able to nurture a great looking lawn at a limited amount of money, effort, and time. The primary key to making this possible is making sure that one is not guilty of wrong mowing techniques or practices. Change your mowing ways for the better and save yourself from expending a lot of resources.

Schedule light mowing regularly.

Grass grows at a minimum of two inches monthly; mowing at least once monthly is good but making it twice a month is much better. The more you condition yourself to the regular work of tending your lawn, the better. Skipping mowing chores or postponing that at a later date often leads to laziness or disregard for the task. Regular mowing causes lawns to thicken, it fosters horizontal grass growth, inhibiting a faster outward growth of grass. Thicker lawns deter weeds from becoming a problem. Don’t wait until the grass gets so high with cluttering weeds and allergy-causing flowers; it leads to messier and more tiresome mowing later on.

Maintain the right height required.

Grasses differ in many ways, especially as to required height. Some require frequent and short cutting while others don’t. Plants are stressed from the mowing process and they need to re-energize at a right timeframe, otherwise, you will have an unhealthy or ill-looking lawn.

Observe correct mowing height; ensure your cut to be tall enough for ample recovery time (this facilitates a healthy root condition) without sacrificing neatness. Grass needs to be short enough so as to avoid roughness in appearance. Be cautious, over-mowing or scalping often results in a brownish look as this impedes healthy root growth and nourishment.

Choose the right mower.

You basically provide the power so make sure to get a mower that will facilitate ease of use and steering. Lawn mowers offered on the market are very much varied. Choose one that provides the most important features you and your lawn require. Plenty of power and easy to use, dixie chopper zee 2 may be a good product to consider.

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Pet Handling Tips: German Shepherds

german-shepherd-wallpapers-7One of the most beautiful and quite intelligent, German Shepherds may be one pet you would like owning. They are very loyal, and will make for a great lifelong companion. With proper upbringing, the breed functions and socializes at its best. Without that, a German Shepherd may exhibit uncontrollable behavior. It is a breed that requires a strong and trustworthy leader it could follow and accept limits from. Pet owners will benefit from doing the following:

Provide venues for expending energy.

German shepherds lead active lives, they must be exercised and stimulated well. Schedule walks, park visits, and provide enough chew toys for them to play with inside the yard. Acts like these instill in your pet’s mind dependence on you and recognition that you take charge of his activities. Check for other suggestions.

They are not naturally aggressive but if their high energy isn’t expended well, they may become that. They must be helped to developing balance and calmness. Besides exercise, proper socialization helps bring this about.

Provide opportunities for social interaction.

It is best for novice pet carers to choose puppies for a pet. The earlier you can work with them, the better. As puppies, socialization is needed at the earliest time possible. Get them to be comfortable hanging out and behaving well among people. Don’t prohibit them from making contact with any of your family members- that is, even with your infants and toddlers. Help them grow fondness to being around people without being overbearing.

Socialize them with other dogs. Connecting them early on with others, and even having a pet buddy in the house will help them enjoy the company of other dogs. Healthy interaction trains them not to resent nor be intimidated with other dogs nearby. It trains them not to feel any insecurities.

Start behavior training early.

Some owners let their dogs get by especially while as puppies. Other times, they let bad behavior go because it looked cute or funny. Pets must be trained to see right and wrong behavior. Quickly reward good ones and discipline your pet over bad ones. Bring consistency into their lives by helping them see that bad behavior will never be allowed at any time.

Train and discipline reasonably and humanely. Never physically abuse your dog, such won’t help. Discipline must be quick and only hard enough to the point that the animal can understand.

Ensure proper feeding.

Different dog breeds require different nourishment types and levels. A twice a day feeding at 12 hour intervals may work best. Check here for the best dog food for german shepherd puppies.

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DIY: Katy Perry Costume

RTR347A4Katy Perry is always known to be objective when it comes to her song-to-outfit choices. Along with her queer music, she’s also known for her quirky signature style. From the eye-popping colorful wigs to the Candyland-inspired clothes, this Roaring singer’s style is anything but ordinary. Let’s learn how to make a Katy Perry costume as a DIY project at home.

Buy a blue wig. Katy’s signature look happens to be the blue, blunt straight with bangs wig. They can be bought in most Halloween costume shops or be ordered online.

Buy a pair of glittery blue shorts. You’ll notice in most of her outfits, Katy loves anything sparkly.  If you cannot find glittered or sequined shorts, you can buy regular blue shorts instead then work on your crafty hands by gluing some sparkles yourself. Shorts should be slightly high-waisted and fitted.

DIY cupcake bra. Now this is the defining piece for this project, so you’ll need to do it right! To make it yourself you’ll need;

  • Basic Light Blue Bra
  • Two Small Paper Plates
  • White Spackling Paste
  • A Paintbrush
  • Super Glue
  • Colorful Sprinkles
  • Red Gummy Candies

To make the cupcakes, you have to;

  • Lay paper plates upside down. Dip paintbrush into the white spackling paste and thoroughly coat the rounded bottom part of each plate. Allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes.
  • Put the sprinkles individually using super glue. When you’re done, super glue one red gummy candy or “cherry” onto the center of each plate. If you do not have red gummies, you can simply use any other small and red object that looks like a cherry.
  • Attach the “cupcakes” to the bra. You can do this either by super gluing the plates directly onto each cup of the bra or by gluing a ribbon at the bottom of each plate and then sewing it onto the bra.

Do your makeup. Apply some false black eyelashes to achieve Katy Perry’s signature wide-eyed look. Put on some light pink lipstick, and you’re ready to go to Katy Perry’s St Louis ‘Prismatic Tour’ happening on August 17, at Scottrade Center.

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4 Fun Ideas for Your Backyard

Playing in the backyard with friends and families is an amazing thing to do especially on weekends during free time. Chitchatting, running and sometimes gardening is more fun to do with people you love doing them with. If you’re more particular with fun activities you can tell your closest family member to give your backyard a makeover.

Making a good use of your yard is an exciting thing to do. Your creativity will also be put in good use. There are a lot of fun things you can add to your backyard to erase the boring atmosphere. The best thing is that it’s easy and handy. You can do it by yourself or with a little help from your family members. You can try adding the following fun creative ideas on your backyard.

  1. Try putting a garden just for kids. It’s easy to do. You just need a little space for the kids to work on. Start it by putting some soil and surround them with stone. You can even paint the stones to look good. Then look for some colorful flowers to complete the look of a beautiful garden.
  1. Turn your backyard into a cinema at night. Movies are better to watch in big screens. Bring the projector and other materials for watching movies. For a better experience, set the chairs and tables for future use. You can start relaxing if you’ve already chosen the movie that fits everyone’s mood.
  1. Put hidden compost in your backyard. You can try placing them under the tree or behind the bushes. When garbage increases call for a dumpster company for assistance. Usually their names are based on what city you live in. For example if you’re living in Minnesota, try looking for Minneapolis dumpster rental. They’re offering different sizes of roll of dumpster to choose from.
  1. Relax and swing near your garden. It’s nice to rest with a clean fresh air. You can place few numbers of swings in the trees near your garden. It’s easy. Just tie them properly from both ends then you can sit back and relax.

Getting along with family members is important for every household. Backyard makeover is a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Don’t wait longer, start building those DIY ideas at home.

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Easy DIY Unfinished Bar Stools Cover

Barhocker_fcmSummer is near. This means longer days and nights well spent with your friends and loved ones relaxing at the pool, beach, enjoying barbeque parties and the like. It can also be a great season to spend with doing crafts at home. In this post, we will talk about how you can update the look of your unfinished bar stools with new covers to make it suit the summer season much better and thereby contribute a refreshing look  to your home.

You will need the following materials for this project:

  • Any colorful fabric
  • Freezer paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Iron and elastic cord
  • Ruler

This project is very simple. Just follow the very easy steps below.

  1. Measure the diameter of your unfinished bar stools from lip to lip.
  2. Make a freezer paper template by simply adding 3 inches to your bar stools’ diameter and dividing it in half. For example, if your unfinished bar stools measure 14 inches, your template will measure 8.5 inches (that is 17 inches divided by 2).  Cut the template and fold it in half twice thereby creating a square.
  3. Using a ruler, mark the center point of the freezer paper. In the example provided above, that would be 8.5” at each mark.
  4. Now, cut the template.
  5. Before proceeding to the next step, measure the template again just to make sure that it is 3 inches wider than the diameter of your unfinished bar stools.
  6. Iron the glossy part of the freezer paper down to the fabric. The freezer paper tends to stick to the fabric after being pressed. This lets go of the need to pin the template to your iron. And since the freezer paper template can still stick again and again, you may use it all over in your next unfinished bar stool makeover.
  7. Following the measurements of the freezer paper template, cut the fabric.
  8. Peel the freezer paper template away from the template.
  9. Grab your elastic cord and sew it to the back side of your fabric in a zigzag stitch pattern. While sewing, make sure to constantly stretch the cord slightly so that it will fit your unfinished bar stools like a glove.
  10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 to make covers for your other unfinished bar stools.

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How to Create the Best Video Using Windows Movie Maker

x-movie-maker6Whether if it’s for a gift, corporate presentation, or just a personal hobby, we’ve all wanted to create our very own video. Luckily for us, there are lots of video-making software available today. One of them is Windows Movie Maker that comes installed with the Microsoft Windows OS. I recommend using Movie Maker in Windows 7 as it has more modern transitions and allows for more flexibility.

You can do lots of things in Movie Maker. I recently did a fan-made music video of Imagine Dragons 30 Lives and it was fairly easy. Start creating your own video with these easy steps:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the interface.

Once you open the software, take time to familiarize yourself with it and get a feel of how to navigate the tools. Look for how you can add photos, videos, music, and also edit its appearance and transitions.

Step 2: Add photos or videos.

When you’re done with that, add the photos or videos you wish to include in your video. Remember that you can’ add music before you add photos; it always has to be vice versa. This is because the software layers the song with the photos. Don’t worry, you can add or remove more photos/videos later. You can adjust the duration the photo/video appears in the video.

Step 3: Add music.

You can now add music to your video. You can split or trim the audio if you wish. You can also add transitions like fade in, fade out, and others. You can also slow it down or make it faster.

Step 4: Add transitions for photos and/or videos.

Once you’ve arranged your photos/videos and made it appropriate for the audio, you can now add appropriate transitions. Transitions are used to achieve smooth flow of visual elements in your video and also to highlight important elements in the photos/videos.

Step 5: Insert captions.

Don’t forget to add captions! This is how you can effectively convey your message. In the case of creating a music video, you simply add the lyrics to the video. For personalized ones, you can input absolutely any text you want. You can also use transitions and effects to emphasize certain texts.

Step 6: Polish and publish!

Finalize your video by adding a few retouches here and there, and voila, you can now save it on your computer or any memory stick!

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