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Benefits of DIY Projects

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There are things in life which are best done with your own hands. Say a present (birthday, anniversary, Christmas) or other things at home where you feel the value of the thing because it was done with your own sweat seasoned with creativity and style. Well, there are times when you just copy the internet’s idea but well, you get the point. You finished the project with your own efforts and it feels like you won the lottery, given that it was a successful venture. The feelings you get after being able to complete a project or of being able to do things on you own help you gain confidence. You feel that you can do other things aside from being a mother/father or aside from the work (that gives you money) you have and it helps you establish a strong sense of self.

Aside from gaining confidence and sense of self, DIY projects also helps you gain knowledge. You go out of your comfort zone and learn new things just for the completion of the project and because of this you gain skills and knowledge which gets useful as you get older and older. You will know how things work, especially if it is a home maintenance DIYing.  You might not get it on the first try, but the more you practice, the more you finish projects, you’ll eventually get better with it.

Gaining knowledge and skills and the great feeling you get after finishing a DIY project are not just the benefits of this activity. DIY, especially in home improvement, also presents us the chance for maintaining a healthy body. Most activities require great effort and physical involvement and in turn it can work up a sweat and burn those extra calories. DIY projects such as gardening can burn up to 270 calories per hour. Imagine that—a disguised workout and you can also eat what you plant. According to research, gardening also helps lower anxiety and can also lead to better sleep.

People say that DIY projects do not really let you save money. Imagine the things you buy to get started, the self-help books, the tools, all of those this-and-that and when you all add them up, it will cost you even more than hiring a professional help. Yes, it is true. However, you can actually save money if you want to. Why buy a book when there are plenty of reliable self-help guides for free in the internet? Also, you do not need to buy a lot of tools and an expensive one at that. Unlike professionals, they need to have variety of tools because they use it all the time. Some people also say that instead of repairing, you might mess things up big time and it will cost you even more. Yes, it is also true. But I know you are smart enough to know your limits and if you believe that it is best done with a professional help then you will call one. However, whether you save money or not, the feeling of satisfaction and the confidence it brings after creating things and the knowledge and skills you gain are more than enough and that money can never buy.

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