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4 Ways to Learn Playing a Guitar on Your Own

pexels-photo-25977You can always enroll in a music class if you are interested to learn playing a guitar. It would be more fun though if you can just teach yourself how to do it. Given the resources available today, you will surely find a way to learn how to play this instrument on your own. You will also be surprised that an instrument that you once thought was really difficult to play is not that hard after all. Here are some important tips to help you learn how to play a guitar.

  1. Watch online tutorials 

There are a lot of online tutorials you can learn from. There are guitar experts out there who will explain to you the process. Just go on YouTube and you will see those who are willing to share their talents with others. They will walk you through the entire process until you can learn the whole thing on your own. Perhaps, they have also learned guitar in the same manner. This is why they are totally interested in helping other people out. They are also confident that without someone else present at your side, you can still learn playing the instrument.

  1. Learn how to read musical notes

It helps if you begin by reading musical notes. This will give you an idea on how to keep playing without memorizing. You can just read the chords and everything will just follow. As soon as you know how each note reads and how it looks like when played on a guitar, you can perform even the most complicated songs.

  1. Start by performing simple songs 

You don’t have to expect seeing yourself as a rock start overnight. It is a process. You just have to start by performing simpler songs with more basic notes. You can eventually move on to a more difficult song. Later on, you will just get the hang of it. You won’t even realize that you are already playing difficult songs. You simply enjoy the process.

  1. Ask someone to criticize you 

You can also ask another person to check your performance. It helps that you take some time to be reviewed by others. You don’t necessarily have to ask this person to teach you. The point is that you just want to see if you are doing it right and find out what you are doing wrong. This is true especially if you are using more complicated instruments such as the ones you can find at Global Music Revolution.

Once you have finally learned playing the instrument without asking for help, you will definitely feel satisfied. You can give yourself props for this achievement. This is not easy even with a mentor. Since you are self-taught, it is twice as hard, but twice the satisfaction too. Take note though that this is a process. You can’t expect to be a musical genius overnight. Give yourself time to learn. Don’t feel frustrated if you think you are not doing well. You will soon learn how to play the instrument perfectly.

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